Remodelling Old Housing Estates with Wayne Hemingway

Ideas about city housing schemes have changed almost beyond recognition over the last 100 years. This tour of some of London’s iconic housing estates shows how they have been remodelled and updated for a new century and a new way of living. The ride is led by designer Wayne Hemingway but a cast of architects are on hand to share their expertise on the particular developments they have worked on. They are David Levitt, Caroline Duff, Sheelagh McManus and Keyvan Lankarani.

The ride begins at the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury. the next two stops were at two Peabody Trust buildings, the first in Farringdon, built in the middle of the nineteenth century, the second in Kings Cross, built nearly a hundred years later and recently refurbished. From here it is an uphill ride to Hampstead and a visit to the famous Isokon building that was built in the 1930s as a modernist experiment in communal living. The final stop in this ride is the Alexandra Road Estate, sometimes known as Rowley Way, in Kilburn. It was built in the 1970s according to a design by Neave Brown.

Map (PDF)

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